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Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy

Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise

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Name:Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy
Birthdate:Jan 20

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Leonard McCoy was born in 2227 in Atlanta, Georgia. With his grandfather's medical influence and his father's persistence, he entered medical school at the University of Mississippi where he meant his future wife. Sometime before 2255, Leonard received his medical degree and got married. The marriage went south, so to speak, and ended in a nasty divorce, leaving Leonard with nothing but "his bones". With nowhere else to go, he joined Starfleet. He spent three years in the Academy, became friends with James T. Kirk (who crowned him "Bones"), and, eventually, made it as the Chief Medical Officer in the USS Enterprise.

Physically, he can keep running pace with Kirk, especially if the captain needs any type of medical treatment. But he's not too much of a fighter. Although he's adept with a phaser and could fight some if needed, he's not advanced in hand to hand combat. He's better behind the scenes, using his medical training to save as many lives as he can. Being a Chief Medical Officer for the USS Enterprise, Leonard has the steadiest hands on the ship, and once almost died in an effort to use them on a live torpedo, via Kirk's request to pop it open.

As of April 25th, 2014, Leonard 'Bones' McCoy is being played as the gruff, entering a five year mission doctor after the events in Star Trek XII (Star Trek: Into Darkness). All TOS characters will be unrecognized by him until a name and rank is given.

Leonard McCoy is property of the Gene Roddenberry estate, Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment, and Bad Robot Productions. This account has been created for the sole purpose of roleplaying in meme threads and games like [community profile] ten_fwd. I make no profit. I wish I did. That'd be cool. Mun/muse over 18.
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